Last farewell - funeral of prof. James Henri will be held on

Thursday, March 8, 2018.

On this day, religious friends especially remember about him in their prayer.
We are all solidary in affection with his family.

About us:

This is the special issue of the monthly MUTUUS and is an addition to the monthly No. 14 from the March of 2018.
We create it for our friend Prof. James S. Henri, who ended his mortal life on March 3, 2018.

We'll give you James that you've been SO MUCH FOR US!!!.

Our memories of our friend James, only the nearest month of mourning will be in black colors. About this period we will adapt the colors of the website to the Latin word "NON OMNIS MORIAR".

MUTUUS: socio-cultural magazine.
Build bridges of intellectual and artistic: a positive, creative, solidarity.  We invite you to publish intellectual and artistic authorities and with them the young who are just making their debut. Free Sharing = personal and social development for all.


Join us to collect memories ...
Send us your memories related to James Henri (text, photo, multimedia, links).
In just a few days, we will create a SPECIAL NUMBER of our monthly at the address: and there we want to publish our/your memories related about James Henri.
Let us not let the work of his life be forgotten.

Each of James's friends can write memories in their own language and we will publish these memories in this language version.
If you send us your memories, write a few sentences about yourself - to introduce yourself.
Please, send this text and media materials to my private e-mail:

We reserve the right to interfere with the texts sent only when the family of James, his wife and daughter so wishes.

Please publish modules in offcanvas position.

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